ChillCubes are unique pieces of digital artwork generated randomly to create one-of-a-kind NFT collectables that double as game avatars and profile pictures.


  • Chill Cubes come from beyond the blockchain and have some unusual traits and features.

  • Some of their unique features are head, eyes, hands, mouth, background and the possibility of some extra cool traits.

  • The rarity of each Chill Cube is based on the overall scarcity of traits as well as uniqueness and desirability of each combination.

Phase 1 Promotion
  • - YouTubers
  • - Social Media Influencers
  • - Meme Contest Whitelist
  • - Promotional NFT Drops
Phase 2 Mint
  • - 50 Cube Drops
  • - 20 Discord
  • - 20 Twitter
  • - 10 Promotional
  • - More TY/Social Promos
Phase 3 Sold Out/80%
  • - 5 Derivative Art Drops
  • - 5 Artists Over 5 weeks
  • - 50 Social Media Drops
  • - 20 Discord Drops
  • - Prize Drops
Phase 4 Community
  • - Donation $20,000
  • - $10,000 Artist Scholarships
  • - $10,000 St. Jude Childrens Fund
  • - Claim Merch (Physicals + Comic)
  • - Token Airdrop (Amount TBD)
Phase 5 Game
  • - Game Launch
  • - Comic Book
  • - Hold to Earn
  • - Play to Earn
What is the total supply?
There will be a total of 7,777 Chill Cubes total.
When is public mint?
Chill Cubes are minting now!
How much do Chill Cubes cost to mint?
0.08 ETH
Is there a game?
Yes, there is a play to earn game in development. Chill Cubes will be featured in the Winter Mode of the Punkin Patch Game.
Is there a comic?
Yes, the Chill Cube comic will be claimable in Discord during the Winter of 2022/2023.
Will there be an airdrop?
Yes, every owner of Chill Cubes will receive a token airdrop with the launch of the play to earn game.
Do Chill Cubes have any utility?
Yes, Chill Cubes will be used in our play to earn game. Anyone who holds Chill Cubes in their wallet will also receive a % of royalties earned in game and on secondary sales. All Chill Cubes holders will be eligeble to claim a physical Chill Cubes comic book and comic NFT. Future utility will be announced.

About the Mint

Number of Chill Cubes: 7777

Mint Price: 0.08 ETH + gas

Mint your ChillCubes

For Crypto Punkin Holders


For those of you lucky enough to mint a Crypto Punkin, before our 10-minute sell-out, hold on to those Punkin Seeds! They will be your whitelist pass for Punkins Season 2.

We recommend you keep them in a seed vault (wallet), buried deep beneath an icy mountain. In fact, the Punkin Wizard is on a Journey to the Seed Vault now. However, to get there he must battle the elements of snow and ice, not to mention those crazies yetis! To help him on his journey through the torturous terrain, the Punkin Wizard has cast a spell summoning up a new ally, the Chill Cubes!

The spell seems to have gone off without a hitch. The sky is growing cloudy and the air cold. Soon a storm will be upon us and the Chill Cubes will arrive!

Learn more about the Chill Cube's allies, at the Punkin Patch!

Lets chill! Join the cube community!